Introducing Bitspark

Bitcoin has been around for a number of years now. It’s frequently in the mainstream media, there is still quite a way to go in mass adoption and education but it’s growth is steadily rising year on year. As proof of this growth, billion dollar companies now accepting Bitcoin for their goods and services, Dish, Expedia, Overstock and Dell to name a few… However the products and services available to customers has lagged, with continued security breaches, poor quality and lack of transparency at the top of the list. Bitspark is changing all that. We have a dedicated team of Bitcoiners who have been there since the beginning, we use the same forums, blogs and social media as you, have seen the big events in Bitcoin come and go, we are aware of the good and not so good products, verification, privacy issues and we want to build the best service for what the community actually wants. As you’ll see below, we have a lot of awesome stuff in store- read on!

Bitspark’s Mission

Our mission is to bring the benefits of a decentralised, free and open monetary system to anyone in the world no matter where you live, and offer you compelling products and services to better compete in a global economy. We make no apologies for supporting the principles behind Bitcoin of financial freedom, personal property and transparency. We are excited by the boundless opportunities in the technology behind crypto-currency for a variety of uses and the everyday quality of life improvements it can be applied to today (mobile payments etc) and will seek to provide our customers everyday with high quality service and support.

How does Bitspark do this?

We have been listening to the community looking for what our customers want in a product and have set out to implement that. Our key guiding principles are:

  1. Security: The most important factor in doing anything in this sector and we take security seriously. This is why we adhere to industry best practice Cold Storage, encryption and third party testing in anything we do so our customers can rest assured their funds are safe and secure.

  2. Ease of use: Bitcoin doesn’t need to be hard, many of our competitors forget this. We love design and making something that’s intuitive and works with you is very important to us.

  3. Customer Support: Customers can expect to hear back from us in a timely fashion, we have internal metrics to gauge this and as we move out of beta we will be expanding our team specifically focusing on expanding the customer service team.

  4. Products and Services: We are committed to expanding our product suite to cater to all of the needs of the Crypto-currency community. There are inadequacies elsewhere in the market we want to improve upon which is why we are launching with many different services. As we progress through Beta we will be adding regionalisation and language support to all of our services.

Current progress

We will be launching our exchange in a limited beta in the next 2 months depending on our testing schedule. Prior to the launch of the exchange our Mining Pool Sparkpool will be live with no pool fees for the first 2 months! Additionally we have more products in the pipeline we want to launch before the limited Beta of Bitspark Exchange so stay tuned! We are entirely focused on bringing you the best product and appreciate input from you prior to launch. Just get in touch with us at or via Facebook or Twitter with your suggestions!


Bitspark Team