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Spark Show: Introduction to the new concept

Bitspark's co-founders Maxine Ryan and the design lead Kristin Low are presenting and explaining the new concept of the Spark company.

The aim with the brand for a product like this is to solve for adoption. This means taking a user first approach and helping end users understand what we do and how it helps them. The logo and logotype have been designed to help people answer both those questions themselves rapidly and without our guidance.

Much of the platform will be able to be white-labeled by MTO’s when they onboard. This is because a) many of them are tired of building someone else’s brand with their own business (ahem, Western Union), and 2) allowing them to white label will help us get them to verified status sooner.

Overall you can expect an intensely functional approach to how we’ll be applying design in this product.

Click on the image below to watch the video

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