Bitspark Launches Bitcoin Remittances to Pakistan

Bitspark is today happy to announce we are now enabling bitcoin powered remittance transactions to Pakistan! Pakistan is a very important destination worldwide for remittances with over $15.8bn in inward remittances in 2014/15 predominantly from GCC countries. Bitspark users can now send to any of the 40+ banks… »

Bitspark 2017 Roadmap

Its been a while since our last update but things have been busy behind the scenes here at the Bitspark office so it’s high time for a look at what we have planned for the next few months and beyond into 2017. Bitspark Remittance The main focus for us… »

Bitspark Joins Sixthirty Fintech Accelerator

The last few weeks have been very busy for us as a company. In between our day to day operations working with our customers we have been selected to partake in the Sixthirty Fintech Accelerator program in St Louis, USA. T-rex is everywhere at the T-rex co-working space in St… »

Bitspark Launches Community Forum for Remittance Industry

Today we are excited to be launching the Bitspark community forums, a place for businesses to connect with their customers and for the global remittance industry to discuss the topic of money transmission. For a $600bn industry there is startlingly little data available, the only real discussion and research that… »

Bitspark Signs Master Agreement with Vitaxel Group

Following on from our announcement in June we have now completed our Master Agreement with Vitaxel Group (VXEL:OTCQB) for a market entry into Malaysia! Bitspark this week in Hong Kong signed our master agreement with Vitaxel Group for the rollout of remittance services in Malaysia. From the MOU in… »