Bitspark Joins Sixthirty Fintech Accelerator

The last few weeks have been very busy for us as a company. In between our day to day operations working with our customers we have been selected to partake in the Sixthirty Fintech Accelerator program in St Louis, USA. T-rex is everywhere at the T-rex co-working space in St… »

Bitspark Launches Community Forum for Remittance Industry

Today we are excited to be launching the Bitspark community forums, a place for businesses to connect with their customers and for the global remittance industry to discuss the topic of money transmission. For a $600bn industry there is startlingly little data available, the only real discussion and research that… »

Bitspark Signs Master Agreement with Vitaxel Group

Following on from our announcement in June we have now completed our Master Agreement with Vitaxel Group (VXEL:OTCQB) for a market entry into Malaysia! Bitspark this week in Hong Kong signed our master agreement with Vitaxel Group for the rollout of remittance services in Malaysia. From the MOU in… »

Banking the Unbanked - New Strategies Needed!

Every week we hear of the potential financial technology will bring to 2 billion unbanked...but is it being approached the right way? Read on to learn more There are new developments in the financial sector, new startups taking on the challenge and investments moving abroad to new markets which… »

Bitspark in July

Hello World! Bitspark Product Round up time. Bitspark has had a lot going on the past few months with a lot ahead of us! Read on to learn more. Our team has been working tirelessly to provide the best remittance service to businesses and individuals alike. We at Bitspark believe… »