Bitspark United Nations Mission to Tajikistan pt 2.

Tajikistan is a developing country which heavily relies on remittances. Until 2014, the share of remittances made up around 43 percent of the national GDP roughly US$ 4 billion a year, which has sharply declined to 20-25 percent in the subsequent years due to the global recession and the depreciation… »

Bitspark United Nations Mission to Tajikistan

(Tajikistan's city Dushanbe) Bitspark will be joining United Nations Development Program on a mission in Tajikistan to collaborate on facilitating bitcoin remittances to the country whose GDP is 50% reliant on remittances mostly from Russia. The aim of this visit is to assess the potential for fiat remittances to be… »

Bitspark Launches Remittances to Nigeria at rates 14.4% Better Than Competition

Today we at Bitspark are launching our services to the African continent with Nigeria as the first destination on the list and to start with a bang, our rates are 14.4% than the global FX markets used by every competitor. As the largest economy and population on the continent,… »

Bitspark Signs Infrastructure Partnership with Bitssa

We are delighted today to announce that we have signed a technical infrastructure partnership with UK licensed Bitcoin Exchange Bitssa- the first cryptocurrency trading exchange to focus exclusively on emerging markets, particularly in Africa. Bitssa is launching today with support for Nigerian Naira to Bitcoin trading and will be rolling… »

Bitspark Launches Bitcoin Remittances to Pakistan

Bitspark is today happy to announce we are now enabling bitcoin powered remittance transactions to Pakistan! Pakistan is a very important destination worldwide for remittances with over $15.8bn in inward remittances in 2014/15 predominantly from GCC countries. Bitspark users can now send to any of the 40+ banks… »