[Indonesia] Bitspark Making Bitcoin Remittances Happen

Bitspark Remittance Brings Bitcoin to Indonesia

Bitspark is now the first end-to-end bitcoin remittance company to support two countries after extending its services from Philippines to Indonesia. The benefit of Bitspark is the lower pricing, abundant pick up locations and usability where senders can benefit from the positives of Bitcoin without the technological knowhow. Bitspark has found the inefficiencies of the conventional remitters through market research and turned it on its head to provide a service which is fair, convenient, quick and most of all cheap. So what does this mean for future Indonesian senders in Hong Kong? Well, it is estimated that $5 Billion was sent to Indonesia from migrant workers in 2010 globally, and with the Indonesian foreign worker population in Hong Kong making up nearly 1%, although small, it will be the first steps in providing liberation from the current pack of remittance monopolies.

(The infamous WestU vs Bitcoin ad which made headlines, putting pressure and the spotlight on the equality (or inequality) of remittance providers. Read about the booha over this spoof on Coindesk)

Remittances and Bitcoin go hand-in-hand due to the intrinsic characteristics which the king pin cryptocurrency brings. Bitcoin provides instant transactions, has no fees and can be sent from anywhere in the world. Bitspark’s vision is to extoll these benefits, and though our services provide an opportunity to make bitcoin easy to use and encourage further Bitcoin adoption around the world.

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