Happy New Year from the Bitspark Team + Exciting Developments So Far

A new year has come upon us and there is no better time to review some of the latest developments with Bitspark and other cool happenings in the Bitcoin and Altcoin space.

Exchange News

Bitspark held a second round of coin voting to crowdsource which cryptocurrencies should be added to our exchange. After adding #Magi #VeriCoin and #ViaCoin this week, a fresh bunch of winners have now been voted to be the latest additions to the Exchange [Read it Here]


Beating all competition, we’re exciting to announce that #PandaCoin won with an impressive 265 votes.


#Pandacoin, seen as the “Dogecoin to the East”, rose to popularity at the end of last year in its push to make a cryptocurrency for Asia. In a BitcoinTalk forum, Pandacoin has been making efforts to “do the leg work” and partnering with “Asian Exchanges and push the coin to a very crypto- savvy community”. Bitspark is happy to say that being an Asia based and targeted exchange, that we hope Bitspark can help with the further adoption of this incredibility cute coin. Well done for being one of the top dogs (or pandas) of the altcoin spectrum so far!

The second winner which you selected was #ARCHCOIN with 108 votes.

Archcoin is an interesting alt-currency which aims to attract crypto-assets to be tied to the archcoin blockchain. It aims to consolidate the cryptocurrency space and creating the ultimate coin to suit consumer benefits.

New Additions


Bitspark’s choice this month was to add #SYSCOIN to our crypto trading options. Syscoin is an innovative new coin which has “built a marketplace into a cryptocurrency”. What this means is that while one is able to use Sys as a currency just like Bitcoin, it also seeks to provide a decentralised platform to trade goods, assets and digital certificates securely. How cool is that?

Remittance Frontier

As reported [click me], Bitspark launched the world’s first end-to-end bitcoin remittance service early November 2014 [see here] and we are excited to further announce that we’ve opened up our Hong Kong to Philippines remittance channel to business customers.

(Some of our happy customers)

Since opening up our B2B services feedback from our, low fees and transaction time have all been positive. Better yet, volumes have doubled week on week since launching Bitspark remittance. Most of all there has been a warm welcoming from businesses on using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a means of transfer which has been great to see as after all, Bitspark isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but just making the process of sending money more affordable, accessible and efficient.

In case you missed it!

(*CEO, George Harrap speaks live, extolling the virtues of bitcoin remittances*)

With exciting new remittance channels opening up between Hong Kong and the Philippines, Bitspark is proud to announce a partnership with Maid for You, a fair employment agency which matches domestic helpers with prospective employees to forge a mutually beneficial partnership. We want to thank Maid for You for partnering with us and advocating Bitspark’s social cause of providing better means of sending money overseas.

What's been happening

The Bitspark Team has popped our heads in and out of panels, discussions and media interviews spreading the good word of Bitcoin. Keep updated below!

Google, Inc St. Gallen Symposium Reception
(Our COO, Maxine Ryan was recently invited to speak at a Google, Inc Reception on “Reinventing Silicon Valley in Hong Kong”)

Paperclip’s “Big on Bitcoin – Dymistifying Blockchain” Event
(Thanks for the great pics from: www.tracywongphoto.com )

2014 is going to be an exciting year for Bitspark and plently more development will be coming in the near future. If you'd like to keep updated on Bitspark's current and upcoming events, you can subcribe to our newsletter scroll down to the bottom of the page here.

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