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Bitspark Show Episode 5

Hello Zephyr Community,

Every week Bitspark's co-founders George Harrap and Maxine Ryan discuss subjects related to Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitspark and Zephyr Token.

Below are the videos from the fifth episode filmed on 08/03/2018.

Maxine is responding to different questions :

  1. Is it possible to be using Naira currency within the New Sendy mobile App?
  2. How much cash out offices do you plan to have in Tajikistan ?
  3. In the near future, will it be possible for investors to open up a new bitspark zephyr shop ?
  4. What is Sendy Mobile App going able to do for Zephyr users?
  5. Zephyr the cryptocurrency disrupting the remittance industry
  6. Zephyr The Cryptocurrency with 25% Buy Back

Click on the image below to find out on our Youtube channel and watch the Bitspark Show episode 5.

bitspark show episode 5

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