Bitspark Shifts Focus to Remittances

Hi all,

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed via our social media that we have been busy with a number of new releases and providing fixes to downtime outages. Bitspark has been lucky enough to be well received by the Bitcoin and finance communities over the last number of months and we are focused on continuing to build out our products and provide the best service for our loyal customers.

Recently our remittance business has taking off with rising support for our key remittance corridors of the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong and China. Given this, we have decided to temporarily retire the exchange and shift focus on building our remittance service as it is the best direction for Bitspark at this stage.

Our team is very excited to be launching a prototype of a new product in May at the 2015 Innotribe Semi-finals in Singapore and we will be announcing more details then. Suffice to say it’s a remittance focused product that will bring the benefits of Bitcoin to a wider audience enabling lower cost and faster money transfers globally.

Our downtime issues are now fixed and users will be able to login, however we have disabled deposits and trading with the withdrawal function still intact for our users. We envision remaining in this state for 30 days for our customers and will be contacting users directly who hold significant deposits with Bitspark. After the 30 day period we will be archiving any remaining wallets and details for those who missed this duration.

We have been incredibly grateful for our customers who have shown the utmost support throughout and look forward to providing you an exciting new service. If you have any questions please feel free to contact and we look forward to unveiling our new product and services to our customers and the public soon!


George Harrap
CEO Bitspark