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Bitspark Launches Community Forum for Remittance Industry

Bitspark Community Forums

Today we are excited to be launching the Bitspark community forums, a place for businesses to connect with their customers and for the global remittance industry to discuss the topic of money transmission. For a $600bn industry there is startlingly little data available, the only real discussion and research that is available are the quarterly reports by the World Bank. The remittance industry is notoriously closed loop and there is no central location on the internet to discuss it- surely an industry responsible for maintaining millions of lives and keeping some countries afloat deserves a place for discussion. Finding things like pricing data, country support lists, payout destinations, processing time, regulatory guidelines, volume metrics and other datapoints are generally very difficult and what is needed is a common platform to discuss these topics and generate a wealth of useful content. Phase 1 of our plan to solve these problems is the launch of the community forums today, built ontop of the excellent open source Discourse forum software. We will be adding new categories as we see fit and it is also a good way for you to suggest changes to the Bitspark platform you think would be useful.

Thank you everyone for the support so far and we welcome everyone to join the conversation today!


George Harrap