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Bitspark in July

Hello World! Bitspark Product Round up time.

Bitspark has had a lot going on the past few months with a lot ahead of us! Read on to learn more.

Our team has been working tirelessly to provide the best remittance service to businesses and individuals alike. We at Bitspark believe that in order for remitters to access the intrinsic benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency based remittances, products need to be made seamless and easy. So easy infact, it’s a joy to use!

Since opening our platform to online senders we’ve had great reception of our product with daily sign ups and users. We never stop improving the Bitspark Platform so we have added a special feature to enable customers to hold their cash reserves in 24 currencies! This enables remitters to hold their transfers securely with less market risk and more conveniently until they’d like to either send or cash out. This also means senders around the world can deposit in any currency making Bitspark an easy choice for businesses and individuals alike! If you haven't explored the platform yet, you can try it out at https://bitspark.io. We enjoy getting feedback from our customers so please connect with our support team, we’re keen to hear your thoughts!

Facts of the Week

Amazingly 55% of the global unbanked population resides in Asia Pacific, many of which who can benefit from services such as Bitspark. There is still a gap in services for the unbanked particularly in remittances, Bitspark seeks to close this gap.
(McKinsey - http://goo.gl/qNJTZX)

Making a bitcoin remittance ecosystem is important component to help senders and receivers worldwide. The remittance market is a dynamic one that requires options from service providers to capture business. The average remitter no longer relies on one way to remit, but several which is why Bitspark has been engineering our mobile App that is also integrated with our platform to connect components of the market in beneficial ways. We’ll be doing a big reveal of the Mobile App soon so be sure to keep a close eye on Bitspark posts for updates.