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Bitspark at Sibos

The Bitspark team has arrived back in Hong Kong after competing at Sibos Innotribe Startup Challenge 2015 Singapore and what an experience!


Bitspark were finalists after winning Innotribe semi-finals in late May and flew to Singapore again in October to compete in the finals for “Best Fintech Innovation” startup. Although Bitspark didn't win, it was an amazing experience to showcase and connect our platform to the 7000 financial delegates in attendance of the financial event that was SIBOS.

Before we do a round up, a HUGE congratulations to Hyperledger for their well deserved win. Bitspark and Hyperledger were the only two blockchain startups out of twelve global participants so all in all it’s a great win for the community who are gunning for this technology.

Innotribe Round-up#

The event was a success and reception for Innotribe which took a larger role this year has suggested that financial institutions are ready to enter the sandbox of innovation and delve deeper into what fintech startups have to offer.

The most popular panel was “New Kids on the Block[chain]”, where thought leaders from startups, FI’s and fintech ecosystems discussed the impact that blockchain technology will have on finance. The main Innotribe stand was at capacity for this discussion forcing organisers to open up a second stand.

Check it out below.

(Even the second Innotribe stand was at capacity!)

Discussions around the blockchain where trending away from any mention of bitcoin but rather the supporting technology behind it. Watch what the pannesits had to say about the future below.

(Blockchain thought leaders come together to discuss how the blockchain will change the industry)

Will It Work?

It’s clear that blockchain technology has received the attention of financial institutions but it's clear many FI's still don't know how to apply the tech to their businessness.

What did people tweet about?#

What went on during the 3 Day event on the twitter-sphere.

As well as Blockchain, machine learning and robotics were the top topics discussed.

(Pepper the A.I hosting Machine Intelligence discussions)

Innotribe Start-up Competition#

What is Innotribe?

Innotribe is a SWIFT inniative which believes in fintech innovation and strives to bring together highly qualified financial services experts, angel investors, venture capitalists, and global fintech and financial decision makers to discuss the latest and greatest tech innovations avalible. The Innotribe team provides early insights on innovations that could disrupt current business models and create new opportunities and through the Startup Challenge, it also introduces them to today’s brightest startups.

Read about Bitspark’s Semi-final win here

The world’s first cash in, cash out blockchain remittance platform was well received by the audience whose enthusiasm in using blockchain and cryptocurrency for payments were expressed in Q&A.

(Maxine Ryan, Co-founder and COO of Bitspark, presented the team's platform on stage at Sibos Innotribe) Copyright © Sibos 2015

Bitspark wants to thank the Innotribe team for this incredible event and their mission in bringing fintech startups to center stage!

Stay tuned via our social media for the live pitch.

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Look here for the rest of the photos from Innotribe. All photos Copyright © Sibos 2015