We've Launched!

It is with immense excitement from the Bitspark Team to present to the Bitcoin community and newcomers our crypto-currency exchange. We faced the hardships of #startuplife but we’ve survived through to the other side to present you an exchange which is pretty freakin awesome!

(Courtesy of Bitcoinexaminer)

Bitspark Exchange is launched in limited Beta where users have the chance to use our multiple crypto exchange and better yet, for free! Bitspark crowdsources ideas to build our products/features and would love to hear more of your thoughts and suggestions via Facebook/BitsparkBTC and Twitter@BitsparkBTC. Without further adieu, let’s have a walkthrough of the exchange to get to know the ins and outs of our trading platform.

After sign in, the user is brought straight to the trade page with all tools and functions ever needed on the left hand side of the page as we think all information should be viewable wherever you are on the site. Our crypto-currency markets are presented in a way which allows users to find their trading market of choice with ease. Sign up or Sign in to see for yourself!

In our trading experience, other trading platforms were difficult to navigate which made achieving simple goals like depositing or withdrawing #cryptocurrencies a hassle which is why we thought ‘why not merge them?’ The Bitspark Team has done exactly that and to top it off we’ve made finding your favourite coin as easy as possible- just look for the logo.

Trust is one of the highest priorities on our list to provide our customers as we know you are taking a chance with a new exchange. Valuing this, Bitspark has a #transparency policy where all users can audit our reserves in two simple clicks. So you don’t need to take our word for it that we have your money, you can prove it yourself.

Plenty of changes will be made weekly to improve Bitspark. Currently, the team is working on the integration of more crypto’s for you to trade, integration of fiat currencies and our merchant processing which is coming soon. For now keep your finger on the pulse for our smaller changes by following us on Twitter@ BitsparkBTC.

BTW, let us know which coins you’d like to see/ trade next on Bitspark and we’ll add them!