Why We Use Open Source

Bitspark has leveraged open source software to build a number of our products and we make a commitment to contribute to open source projects when possible. More and more companies are utilising open source software as a key ingredient to develop trust and transparency within the Bitcoin ecosystem and as a way to build and promote engagement with the community. Other than this, what is ‘open-source’ and why is it better?

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Open source software isn’t a new concept and you might be using it already (do you have an android phone? Heard of Firefox, Google Chrome?). Recently however, a rise in its visibility and adoption has raised its profile as of late. To use open source software simply means to use code which is publicly available for everyone who is interested to view, contribute and use. Code for a website, an app or even a program can be available for individuals, developers and businesses to use to their advantage depending on the license permitting. An example of open source software used every day is Linux - Linux has been free and open-source since the beginning and is a go-to computer operating system used by many for a number of applications. Click here to look at other open source projects available.

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What was seen with the arrival of the internet was a boom in productivity and information which created skills, jobs, innovations and improved people’s lives all over the world. On one level, the internet is merely a means of sharing information between different points in a network so, when people have access to information, new ideas, collaboration and ingenuity flourish. Likewise with open source software, as the code is open for all to see, the community can contribute, improve and tailor the software to what the community see as important without relying on a single company, individual, monetary or knowledge constraints. This leads to better quality code, a better quality product, localisation, cheaper development costs, security improvements and much more.

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The Bitspark exchange is an example of using an open-source code base and tailoring it to better suit you. The actively developed Peatio project which is viewable via github is based on a co-operative development model which works so that everyone benefits. After all, it’s better to have 100 developers improving a code then 10 ,right? Collaboration on open source projects can contribute to faster development, new features and solutions, distributed testing and bug fixing, all of which can lead to better product and service. Another area which open source promotes is in #trust and #transparency, qualities which Bitspark holds as a priority in our exchange with the aim to re-write Bitcoins history of opaque and untrustworthy exchanges.

What are your thoughts on open source? Do you have any favorite projects? Let us know via Facebook/BitsparkBTC and on Twitter @BitsparkBTC!