Introducing Zephyr Token Sale! As discussed previously in parts 1 and 2, Bitspark is switching to Bitshares in place of Bitcoin as the means of transmission for making domestic and international payments. A key foundation to this will be Zephyr- a reward token for taking part in the Bitspark remittance… »

Part 2: Bitspark Switching to Bitshares and Unbanking The Banked

Bitspark: Unbanking The Banked with Bitshares In part one we announced our plans to switch to Bitshares from Bitcoin as the alternative cryptocurrency for our remittance business and the reasoning as to why. In this part I hope to follow up with the questions from readers relating to how this… »

Bitspark Switching to Bitshares for Remittances

Today we announce that Bitspark will be switching to the Bitshares Blockchain from Bitcoin because it is better suited for the company‚Äôs business. That is not to say it is better for everything, but for remittances we see it has some clear advantages. The new payment method will be… »

Updated: Service Downtime, A Fork in the Road

On August 1 2017, the Bitcoin network will be undergoing a contentious upgrade which, if it does not reach consensus among mining pool operators could result in a chain split. For an overview we would recommend you read this or for more detailed analysis, this. As you are aware, Bitspark… »

Bitspark United Nations Mission to Tajikistan pt 2.

Tajikistan is a developing country which heavily relies on remittances. Until 2014, the share of remittances made up around 43 percent of the national GDP roughly US$ 4 billion a year, which has sharply declined to 20-25 percent in the subsequent years due to the global recession and the depreciation… »