Bitspark in July

Hello World! Bitspark Product Round up time. Bitspark has had a lot going on the past few months with a lot ahead of us! Read on to learn more. Our team has been working tirelessly to provide the best remittance service to businesses and individuals alike. We at Bitspark believe… »

Bitspark Begins Entry into Growing Malaysian Market with Vitaxel Group

Bitspark is delighted today to be announcing an MOU with Vitaxel Group (VXEL:OTCQB) for a market entry into Malaysia! Bitspark is expanding its MTO platform into Malaysia to cater the growing outbound remittance market with Vitaxel Group. Vitaxel Group and its subsidiaries have over 5000 distributors in 16 countries… »

Philippines as a remittance destination

Philippines as a springboard for Remittances in SE Asia The Philippines comes in as the world’s third largest remittance market receiving a total of US$28 billion in 2014, only preceded by India receiving US$70 billion and China receiving US$64 billion. Remittances sent to the Philippines made… »

Bitspark at Sibos

The Bitspark team has arrived back in Hong Kong after competing at Sibos Innotribe Startup Challenge 2015 Singapore and what an experience! Sibos/Innotribe Bitspark were finalists after winning Innotribe semi-finals in late May and flew to Singapore again in October to compete in the finals for “Best Fintech Innovation”… »

Bitcoin is Current, See

Bit by Bit-coin, Understanding the Nature of its Value. We all have been taught that some things are worth more than others, like jewelry is worth more than a t-shirt, or a television is worth more than laptop. This creates what feels like an intrinsic understanding of value, but this… »