Bitspark And Zephyr Roadmap

Welcome to Bitspark’s official roadmap update. After Zephyr’s $1.3M (at time of closing) tokensale, Bitspark’s priorities for the company & Zephyr can now be examined in detail for the public. The intention of this roadmap is to provide clarity to those who are interested in what… »

Bitspark Secures Funding from Reinsurance Group of America

Press Release Hong Kong, November 3, 2017 Today, Bitspark announced that it received funding from RGAx, the innovation accelerator of Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated, one of the world's largest life reinsurance companies headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. RGAx partners with and invests alongside enterprising companies developing solutions… »


Introducing Zephyr Token Sale! As discussed previously in parts 1 and 2, Bitspark is switching to Bitshares in place of Bitcoin as the means of transmission for making domestic and international payments. A key foundation to this will be Zephyr- a reward token for taking part in the Bitspark remittance… »

Part 2: Bitspark Switching to Bitshares and Unbanking The Banked

Bitspark: Unbanking The Banked with Bitshares In part one we announced our plans to switch to Bitshares from Bitcoin as the alternative cryptocurrency for our remittance business and the reasoning as to why. In this part I hope to follow up with the questions from readers relating to how this… »

Bitspark Switching to Bitshares for Remittances

Today we announce that Bitspark will be switching to the Bitshares Blockchain from Bitcoin because it is better suited for the company’s business. That is not to say it is better for everything, but for remittances we see it has some clear advantages. The new payment method will be… »